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Teacher Advocate Update

I would like to announce the addition of two items to The Teacher Advocate.  First is a marvelous overview of the charter school mess in Ohio by Barbara Brothers, Emeritus Dean, Youngstown State University.  Given the growing uproar over the horrendous legal and illegal fraud, this is a very good source of information.


Reynoldsburg Teachers, Ohio School Report Cards, & ODE’s Blatant Charter School Advocacy in Columbus Schools

The Reynoldsburg teachers strike began early Friday morning. The teachers are refusing to be bullied into accepting a contract that moves healthcare to Obamacare, makes standardized test scores the basis for merit pay (their Board will not even define what they mean), and will not address class size. The Reynoldsburg strike is a benchmark for all Ohio teachers.

Labor Day, 2014

Labor Day is the day set aside to celebrate the great accomplishments of the American labor force, past and present. All educators know well how Labor Day symbolizes the end of summer and the start of the school year, no matter how many days before Labor Day their schools may actually start now. Yet many teachers do not connect to the meaning of Labor Day itself to their own role in the incredible professional work they do.

Diane Ravitch, FairTest, & OEA

Diane Ravitch informed me that my guest Blog will be on her site in early August.  I wrote a piece on what inspired me to create The Teacher Advocate Project and what it has to offer.  I am very happy that I have a chance to write nationally about how my graduate students and their public school experiences have led me to doing this project.  I want to thank Diane Ravitch for offering this chance to have some national exposure for The Teacher Advocate and, in turn, national exposure for some of the horrific damage done by the reformists in Ohio.  Diane’s Blog is at


We received a great endorsement from Bill Phillis, leader of the Ohio Coalition for Equity & Adequacy of School Funding today. He is an incredible public-school advocate. It is truly an honor to be recognized by him. His exposé of Ohio charter schools is tremendous. You can subscribe to his excellent newsletter on the Links page.

Heard from Diane Ravitch!

Wednesday, Diane Ravitch contacted me about the site and asked me to write a piece for her national blog.  This is great news and very exciting.  I am writing the piece now and will have it into her for posting as soon as I can.  The launch went well and we are getting a lot of visitors, so keep spreading the word.  Stay tuned. . . 

Welcome to The Teacher Advocate

Welcome to The Teacher Advocate, a website designed to help Ohio public school educators and others to understand the fundamental nature of the elements of school reform that are destroying public schools and demoralizing the dedicated educators who staff them.  The primary purpose of the site is to provide you with a central location for accessing a series of papers, each one covering a particular aspect of the school reform initiatives affecting Ohio.  The site also offers thoughtful commentary, select links to the most relevant sites, specific research, and individual narrative