Reynoldsburg Teachers, Ohio School Report Cards, & ODE’s Blatant Charter School Advocacy in Columbus Schools

The Reynoldsburg teachers strike began early Friday morning. The teachers are refusing to be bullied into accepting a contract that moves healthcare to Obamacare, makes standardized test scores the basis for merit pay (their Board will not even define what they mean), and will not address class size. The Reynoldsburg strike is a benchmark for all Ohio teachers. We all need to realize that the Reynoldsburg teachers represent all Ohio public school teachers and that he radical anti-teacher Reynoldsburg BOE foreshadows what teachers across the state will be facing in future contract negotiations. The Reynoldsburg BOE position also foreshadows what the Kasich gang will be forcing upon teachers in his next term. We all need to show support for the teacher advocacy Reynoldsburg teachers are fighting for. Together, we can!

The recent release of the Ohio School Report Cards needs to remind all of us of how demonstrably misrepresentative they are of actual performance. Once again, the Report Card grades line up with the wealthiest districts at the top and on down to the ones with the most poverty at the bottom. They are not at all credible indicators of performance. Because the indicators are primarily based on invalid standardized tests, we must reject their ratings. For the specific research and details about the extremely misleading nature of the Ohio School Report Cards, see on The Teacher Advocate site.

ODE has reveled its blatant anti-public school mentality by appointing StudentsFirst as a “neutral third party” for implementing the Parent Trigger process for some 20 Columbus public schools affected by the law. StudentsFirst is the infamous Michelle Rhee group that lobbies and advocates for charter schools, vouchers, and high-stakes testing in states across the nation. The ODE claim of its being a neutral third party is an insult to all of us. It is simply more tangible evidence of the complete disdain the Kasich administration has for public schools and their educators. The Parent Trigger law is the brainchild of the extreme right-wing American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), known for its anti-public education, corporate-led organization that mass produces model right-wing legislation for state legislatures. ALEC is a staunch supporter of the privatization of public schools.

Again, I hope that all of you can spread the word about The Teacher Advocate and share the website URL so that we can add subscribers to advance the cause of teacher advocacy. Again: Together, we can! -rlh


Very proud of this stron union. It is hard to take a stand in today's world. I wish that people that at one time thought that the students should come first would remember that simple fact. The teachers in Ohio need to support each other and fight for the students

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Contrary to conventional slogans, teachers are the most important element in the process of schooling.  Yes, of course the student are important but without dedicated teachers, nothing good happens.  It is analogous to flying on an airliner--the passengers are clearly important, but the pilot is the most important varilble for a succeful flght.

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