Diane Ravitch, FairTest, & OEA

Diane Ravitch informed me that my guest Blog will be on her site in early August.  I wrote a piece on what inspired me to create The Teacher Advocate Project and what it has to offer.  I am very happy that I have a chance to write nationally about how my graduate students and their public school experiences have led me to doing this project.  I want to thank Diane Ravitch for offering this chance to have some national exposure for The Teacher Advocate and, in turn, national exposure for some of the horrific damage done by the reformists in Ohio.  Diane’s Blog is at http://dianeravitch.net .

I also want to thank Bob Shafer at National Center for Fair & Open Testing (www.FairTest.org) for announcing the launch of The Teacher Advocate in their Testing Resistance & Reform Newsletter and linking us on their website.  FairTest is the granddaddy of the movement against test-driven reform.

Kudos to OEA for their aggressive stance about charter schools in general and the scandals at Horizon charters in particular.  Their support of the whistleblowers is in the Horizon situation is great.  Likewise, OEA’s advocating a moratorium on testing is very much a positive step forward for Ohio’s educators and students.

The response to the website has been truly amazing with visitor and subscriber numbers continuing to increase each day.  I want to urge all of you to spread the word about the site and what it offers to everyone you possibly can.  Please tell them to also register for Blog & new updates.  Emails are never shared, and subscribers will not be flooded with Blog posts, I promise.  Very soon I am planning to add to the site several new papers on important current issues affecting us and our schools.  Most immediate will be papers on charter schools, the importance of public schools, and the special education scholarship programs that cost districts and taxpayers millions of dollars every year.

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