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I would like to announce the addition of two items to The Teacher Advocate.  First is a marvelous overview of the charter school mess in Ohio by Barbara Brothers, Emeritus Dean, Youngstown State University.  Given the growing uproar over the horrendous legal and illegal fraud, this is a very good source of information.



A second addition is Joe Bettura’s short piece on the frustrations faced by those teachers in Ohio’s Resident Educator program.  Joe is an OEA activist leader and a passionate teacher advocate of the first order.


It is refreshing to read of the growing resistance to high-stakes testing.  The Opt-out movement is notable in terms of the growing numbers of parents who are refusing to allow their children to be victims of the invalid tests.  In Ohio, much confusion about whether parents are allowed to opt out their children has come from ODE and school districts that have issued complicated, confusing statements to the public.  The simple fact is that there is no Ohio law either requiring students to take the tests and no law prohibiting parents from opting their children out.

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Randy L. Hoover, Founder of The Teacher Advocate

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